It’s time to SURGE

That idea has been in your mind for too long…

It is time for the world to experience it.


You’ve been wanting to get this idea out for a while

Which means you’ve been around long enough to know that the more “thoughts” without action you give to your ideas, the less of a reality it becomes.

Turns out that being excited about a dream or passion is not enough.  Without actions, commitment  and uncovering what could be stopping you, it just remains a dream and less of the life you want.

That’s exactly why I feel strongly that ideas are to be manifested, but it only happens when you first share, then take action.

If you refuse to spend another year dreaming, wishing, hoping…

If you are ready to put in the work to make 2020 your best year yet..

If you are tired of “One day when I get myself together I will start.” “When I get my money right.” “I want to do it and I just don’t know how?”

Then, My Friend, let me tell you about SURGE!

Surge (a verb) – to move suddenly and powerfully forward or upward. Because it only takes an instant for your life to be transformed.

Surge is a 8-week course for those with an idea or a passion who are ready to ditch their old ways of being and make an impact, by sharing their ideas with the world

This course is designed to teach you the seven stages required to get your idea off the ground and into a business in a little as two months.  Not only will you learn the seven stages, but you’ll also implement them right away and start the process of owning your business. Less (wishing) more (doing) dreams (manifested).


According to a Gallup research, “Prospective entrepreneurs see a lack of support for starting a business. Entrepreneurial education and training, whether formal or experiential, are crucial to improving an individual’s awareness of the skills and steps necessary for successfully starting a business. But about one-half of potential entrepreneurs (49%) say they have an idea but don’t know where to start, and nearly three in 10 say they have no knowledge about running a business (29%). Additionally, 28% say worry about the competition keeps them from starting a business.”



Discover.  You decided to go into business for yourself either because you are passionate about something or you just want the freedom that it comes from being your own boss.  Whatever the reason, you must have very clear idea of the end result.  During the discovery stage, we are going to uncover a few things: What brings me joy? What comes easy? What’s in my way? Is my vision tangible?

Build.  If you have ever watched the movie Field of Dreams, there is famous line by the actor Kevin Costner where he says: “If you build it, they will come.” Well, here is what I’d like to add to that phrase: “but you must holla!”  Here we get to create a plan for you business that will serve as your blueprint as you grow.

Branding.  Have you ever walked into a restaurant with dirty counters, offset colors, no cohesive decorations.  There is a horrible smell and everyone is wearing torn clothes?  The chef puts out his right hand towards your for a handshake and you can’t help but notice dirty fingernails and sweat. What is your first reaction? I know mine: walk out and never to return!  But wait, the word on the street is that they have amazing food.  It matters not, if we fail to make a good first impression. Here we are going to learn the difference between branding yourself and eventually becoming a brand.

Connect.  It is the connection that clients make with you that keeps them coming back.  You might have a great product, but if the client can’t connect with you in addition to what you are offering, they will look elsewhere.  During the connecting stage, we are going to learn social media acumen, creating good and relevant content, being timely responsive.

Prioritize.  I used to be the queen of last minute.  I will confess that sometimes I can become easily distracted. It is important to create a space of workability when we go into business for ourselves. People and situations will pull us in every direction, and long before you know it, you will fall behind and begin to look at your business “as one more chore.” The love will fly out the window and you will convince yourself that it didn’t work.  Discover tools that will prioritize your “to do list”, automation, outsource/delegate, the “right calendar”.

Sales.  Understanding your client needs will help develop solutions that will not only change their lives but also help them fulfill their goals.  I like to look at sales as a rotating 360 circle where you listen, share, discover, and contribute.  I created a sales model that will  uncover what client is dealing with, what is important to them, and is what I am offering a solution to the final outcome they are looking to accomplish. 

Growth.  When I created my first dance company, I was everywhere.  Shows, music gatherings, workshops, birthday parties.  If there was music I was there to promote my business. I connected heavily on social media even after hours.  I was present, interested and connected. When I was out in public, some folks began to recognize me, they didn’t quite know my name, but they knew the names of my dance company. They would say  “Hey aren’t you that ….girl?” During the growth stage, we are going to discuss: creating lifelong clients, building brand ambassadors, bringing in contributors.


What is SURGE?

Surge is a 8-week course for entrepreneurs that are ready to create a business, make an impact and contribute to others through their offerings. This course is designed to teach you the seven stages that you need in order to get your business up and running in as little as two months.  Not only will you learn the seven stages, you’ll implement them and see your business take form immediately.  You will also get the inspiration, motivation, feedback, and coaching you need to remove what is in your space and take action.

Who is SURGE for?

Surge is for those who are ready to see their ideas come to life and are also committed to put in the work.  I work with clients from every walk of life including photographers, consultants, artists, retailers, folks just starting out and more.  If you have an idea, I can help you develop it.  Those I serve are not just ready to contribute their expertise to the world  but also ready to be their own boss, and have a say on how their future will go.   They know they are capable of creating  a future for themselves but haven’t not yet found a way to do it. If any of the above sounds like you, then SURGE is a great fit for you!

What kind of results can I expect from SURGE?

Here are the kinds of results you should expect get:

How to develop a tangible business from your idea – sometimes ideas are just that: ideas. During the course you will be able to narrow it down to something very specific.  I had a client who was a music producer and had an immense love for music. He was able to develop two side business: an online mix and mastering company and also a online site where you can purchase beats.

Had another client who was able to turn her love for thrifting into three things: a course on how to shop, a thrift clothes styler and workshops on how to find great items.

How to create a simple business plan that will serve for any idea that you might have. How to ernoll others with your idea, how to use social media in ways that will work for you, how to get out of your own way.

How does it work?

The program is delivered over a 8 week period that includes:

  • Modules with step-by-step videos covering the steps mentioned above
  • Workbooks, which includes cheat sheets, templates  so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • 8 weekly live group coaching sessions to give you feedback on your stuff, answer your questions and keep you moving forward
  • 3 private sessions with me Support via our private SURGE Facebook Community

BONUS: A starter website to get you business out there within a few months time

BONUS: Instagram ad training to grow your audience fast and affordable

How much time will it take me to work through the course each week? When do we start?

I recommend that you commit 3-4 hours per week to work through the course and implement what you learn. Our live coaching sessions happen on Wednesdays at 3pm EST.

What is the refund policy?

I have complete assurance that it will give you the support you need. AND, that’s why I’m so excited with what you will be able to accomplish. I wanted to make this something that you can easily follow and complete.  Just join the course and implement it (complete all 8 trainings and take the associated actions, attend all coaching calls, submit work for feedback weekly, and fully participate), and if you don’t see results at the end of 30-days from when we start, I will refund your money. Simple and easy.


About Raphaella Silva

I was born and raised in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in a town called City if God (yes the place of the actual movie!).  I’ve been in the US for the past 33 years and went to school for a few years for Business Administration/Accounting.  I’ve worked for several major organizations such as Bank of America and the International Monetary Fund. I’ve also had international experience including the Pan American Health Organization (World Health Organization) and the Ministry of Health in Brazil.

I’ve been an entrepreneuer since the age of 17 when I got my first gig selling telephone lines to my mother’s friends. I would take her telephone book, add the long cord to the phone, so I could pull it all the way to the bathroom, and lock myself in there for hours enrolling them on swtiching their services (so much fun I had doing that).

Over the course of the years, I’ve had my own photography studio, a web-design and consuting firm, two dance companies and I have also created adult literacy programs, to name a few.  One day I discovered that I loved generating ideas and I considered starting a company to sell them (I even purchased the domain! LOL). However, what was really there for me was a desire for helping others.  I knew if I combined that with my experience, I could be a contributtion to the possibilities of others.